Genesis 49:10

16. Genesis 49:10 “the time of his coming”

Here Jacob prophecies that dominion and leadership shall not depart from the tribe of Judah. Indeed; since David took the throne the leadership of the Jewish people has been in the hands of the tribe of Judah. In fact the name “Jew” is simply an English corruption of the term: “Judean” – emphasizing the abiding centrality of the tribe of Judah in the government of Israel. Until today we have accepted no other king but our loyalty is to the dynasty of David.

This prophecy does not tell us anything about the time of the Messiah’s coming.

17. Genesis 49:10 “the seed of Judah”

Tribal lineage follows the father. According to the Christian Scriptures Jesus was NOT from the seed of Judah.

18. Genesis 49:10 “called Shiloh or the one sent”

This is indeed a reference to the Messiah but there is nothing in the verse that would have us believe it is talking of Jesus. In any case; the word “Shiloh” does not mean “the one sent”.

19. Genesis 49:10 “Messiah to come before Judah lost identity”

Judah still did not lose identity (see #16).

20. Genesis 49:10 “unto him shall the obedience of the people be”

Indeed; Messiah will rule over many nations (Numbers 24;17,18; Obadiah 1:21). This is talking of dominion in the practical realm of government. In the real world; Jesus ruled over no one.

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